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Special Dietary Needs

After all these years you are now largely the result of your behaviors and what you digested.  If you realize that the course you are on is the wrong one and you want to achieve better health talk to us. We can help you understand strategies which include optimizing your digestion, eating quality foods, drinking pure water, stress reduction, rest, and exercising.  Life long habits may need to be changed.  For most who do the results are often quick, dramatic. They wonder why it took so many years for them to realize their actions were detrimental to their well-being. 

For some people these approaches aren't enough.  For those people we offer a wide-range of products to meet unique needs.  At Healthway, you can find products that specifically are formulated to be free of ingredients that your body finds objectionable.    

Bariatric Proteins
We stock liquid protein drinks that post-surgical patients have found useful in supplying their protein requirements.

Fat Free Foods
This food is great, even if you think you can't do sit-ups!

Gluten Free Foods
Wheat and oat products typically contain gluten.  Approximately 1% of Americans are intolerant of gluten and suffer many unpleasant physical symptoms.  In recent years, awareness of this condition grew and more food companies have begun to produce products that use gluten free grains yet allow the eater to experience many traditional foods like pancakes, cookies, breads and pizza without fear.  For a list of products available click the links in the gluten free section of the Products and Brands page.  The breads, muffins, and pizza crusts from Udi's and GF oatmeals from Bob's Redmill are extremely popular.  A local celiac blog msceliacconnection allows you to share your questions and knowledge with others.  Click on the recent entries link to take part in the blog.

New product line additions:  Schar and Chebe

Hallelujah Diet
Research has consistently shown that vegetarians as a group live longer and healthier lives than people who eat the Standard American Diet (SAD).  Based on Genesis 1:29 this diet has helped thousands who thought they were destined for years of pain or disability.  The basic approach is to eat a diet that is exclusively vegetarian.  Approximately 15% consists of cooked foods and the remaining 85% is raw solids or juices.  We have the basics you need and can direct you to the rest.  It may be difficult to grasp how you could give up life long eating habits so I will leave you with the words of one converted junk food eater ""nothing tastes better than great health feels".  Don't be glum because of SAD instead shout Hallelujah.   Hallelujah Acres  

Maker's Diet
If you want something better than the SAD you currently consume but don't want to change your eating habits drastically the Maker's Diet could be a good choice for you.  The meats allowed are from free range or organic "biblically clean" animals, fish or birds.  Fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and pure water are advocated.  We stock many of the foods, supplements, food powders, and books to help you succeed.  Garden of Life

Milk / Lactose Free Foods and Drinks
The milk most American's drink today is very different from the milk our Great Grandparents drank as children.  Homogenization, pasteurization, growth hormones, steroids, antibiotics, penning, corn-feeding are some of the recent introductions to milk production.  It is not necessarily better and many people develop lactose intolerance.  By age 40 approximately 80% of Asians, 70% of African Americans and 40% of Caucasians are intolerant of milk.  We stock almond milk, goat milk, hemp milk, rice milk, soy milk, and organic whole cow's milk.

Salt Free Foods

Beginners welcome.

Sugar Free Foods
The Atkin's diet had it's detractors but when followed correctly (most people never read the book) the diet removed sugar from people's diet which resulted in lower cholesterol, blood pressure and weight.  It is estimated that Americans consume more than 150 pounds of sugar each year per capita.  Children actually consume more sugar than adults, often 3-5 times their weight.  Sugar consumption has increased every decade and the effects are easy to see as are the positive effects when sugar consumption is reduced.  We stock alternative sweeteners such as stevia, xylitol, agave (Taylor's favorite), and honey (local raw, organic Canadian, and Manuka). These have properties (low-glycemic and or antibiotic) that make them more desirable for use by diabetics and people concerned about their health.  

Vegetarian Foods
Healthway has Mississippi's largest selection of vegetarian (meat analog) products from Worthington, Loma Linda, Cedar Lake and Vibrant Life.

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